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My name is Preston. That’s me on top of Aspen Mountain in 1994, my first trip to Aspen. I don’t really remember it, old photos can be funny like that. A decade later I came skiing. I came back every

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A boat that folds up like origami into a box, that’s amazing. MyCanoe is made to go with you on all of your adventures. MyCanoe easily folds up into an easy to carry package. So it’ll be ready for adventure

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North Maroon Peak Rescue

Ever wonder what an Aspen Mountain Rescue mission looks like? This video is simply awesome as Mountain Rescue Aspen and the HAATS Unit from the Colorado National Guard work together to evacuate a man who had fallen on North Maroon

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Osprey and Chill

Osprey and Chill

The Roaring Fork Valley has a new reality show you need to see. It’s streaming live now. Sit back, relax, Osprey and chill. It’s like The Truman Show, except Truman is an Osprey. Here are Truman and Meryl Osprey just

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Piles of Rocks

Piles of rocks

There are many rocks around Aspen’s home in the Elk Mountains. There are also humans. Breaking News – humans are putting rocks on top of each other and in piles… and have been since like, forever. What’s the deal with

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Please Keep Off The Log

Hanging Lake Trail

It’s sad to see areas close, sad to see places you’ve visited before change. Imagine what Hanging Lake looked like to the first person who saw it, the boardwalks and benches that surround the lake would be an awful eyesore.

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Pumpkins of Frying Pan Road

Pumpkins of Fryingpan Road

Someone is putting pumpkins all along Frying Pan Road. Or, less likely, it’s a pumpkin invasion! These pumpkins are communicating with each other and make plans to meet annually on this hallowed road. And as All Hallows’ Eve draws near,

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Qube Tents

Qube Tents are quick pitch portable tent cities basically. One by itself isn’t really amazing, but you can connect them through tunnels and build your own set up of interconnected tents. Who wants to order 50 and run wild through

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Rail Trail Hall of Fame

Rail Trail Hall of Fame

What’s our favorite trail? It’s not even close. It’s a 40+ mile path with stunning views, follows a roaring river, has a rich history, and connects the entire Roaring Fork Valley – the Rio Grande Trail! It’s the trail embodiment

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ROFO Fund Explained in 1 Minute


The ROFO Fund is simple – get people involved in giving back, even if that’s as simple as clicking a button. Here’s the ROFO Fund explained in 1 minute (and 11 seconds). The ROFO Fund Explained in 1 Minute from

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Running with the Belles

The Maroon Belles are a women’s trail running group based out of Carbondale, Colorado. Here’s a short film by Maroon Belles members Michelle Smith and Yitka Winn, that takes a closer look at the group and their journey running the

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Save Hanging Lake


If you don’t know why you can’t walk on the log at Hanging Lake – here’s why. SPOILER ALERT: It’s the sensitivity of the lake’s ecosystem. Remember that time we wrote a blog post and everyone stopped posting pictures on

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Secret Shrines

Aspen Shrines

Aspen is full of secrets. Beneath the glamour and celebrity of Aspen, this elite mountain town of the rich and famous carries a lot of history. Hidden in history are secrets. On Aspen Mountain you’ll find world-class skiing. There’s also old abandoned mines, underground tunnels that connect to Smuggler Mountain, and buried deep in the mountain’s forest, shrines.

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Snowmass Bike Park is Next Level

Snowmass Bike Park

The Snowmass Bike Park is next level. Aspen Snowmass knows how to put a rocking video together to make you want to grab a bike and go. Snowmass Bike Park | July 2017 from Aspen Snowmass on Vimeo. __________ More

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Spot Blown

We get it. Nobody wants everyone to know about their special secret spot. But, who gets to know? If you just tell the people you know, they might tell others and the word might get out. The thing is, if

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