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We get it. Nobody wants everyone to know about their special secret spot. But, who gets to know? If you just tell the people you know, they might tell others and the word might get out. The thing is, if you are upset about people knowing about your spot, who told you about it?

Aspen Trail Finder is a hub for people to find what’s in this amazing area. We aren’t the first to find this stuff and we aren’t the first to tell someone about it. We, hopefully, do have some of the best information, pictures, and user comments about these places. You can be upset about that. Walmart isn’t loved by everyone either.

Our goal isn’t to turn every place into the next Maroon Bells, where busses full of people unload on one of nature’s magical settings. There are issues with more people visiting any one place. But more people who know about a place also means more people who can care for that place.

This isn’t a country club where we let in who we want and tell only those that we want to know. It’s out there. We don’t have a top ten trails. We don’t have a must see sites list. We’ll point you to information, marketing brochures, and maps those towns use. There’s a lot out there and more than one place to make your special spot. If your spot gets blown, remember that feeling you get the next time you find a new one.

What’s your favorite spot no one knows about? Let us know in the comments below. (It will be our little secret.)

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7 years ago

Apparently, there are no secret spots anymore.

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