2017 5Point Adventure Film Festival Trailer

2017 5Point Film Festival

The 5Point Adventure Film Festival is coming and this trailer is simply so awesome. The festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, check it out in Carbondale April 20-23. 5Point 2017 Trailer from 5Point Film Festival on Vimeo. __________

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Discovery Channel “Dogs The Untold Story” Aspen, Colorado

Here’s a clip from Animal Planet’s “Dogs The Untold Story” about avalanche dogs in Aspen. How awesome are these dogs!?! Discovery Channel "Dogs The Untold Story" Aspen Colorado from Vital Films on Vimeo. __________ More Videos!

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Hobby Horses Taking Over Aspen

Aspen attracts tourists from all over the world and it’s not shocking this trendy little mountain town of the rich and famous can’t wait to embrace the latest fad. But, some trends you would never see coming. While hard to

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Landing in a Snowstorm at Aspen

If you’ve ever flown into the Aspen airport, you know it’s tight. The airport is small and it’s surrounded by mountains, and that’s true when conditions are nice! Here’s a video from a pilot’s perspective landing in a snowstorm. Buckle

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Meet a Black Person

Look no way around it, Aspen’s population isn’t exactly diverse. Rounding off some numbers, Aspen’s population is about 6,000 people, 95% white, 0.5% black. So, Improv Everywhere sent a black person to the middle of Aspen’s Gondola Plaza. __________ More

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Mushroom Rock Highline

Mushroom Rock Slackline

If you’ve ever hiked the Mushroom Rock Trail you know the view. Don’t try this at home, but Pete Thompson walked a 411 foot long – 1 inch wide line at Red Hill. Mushroom Rock Slackline from michellescreative on Vimeo.

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North Maroon Peak Rescue

Ever wonder what an Aspen Mountain Rescue mission looks like? This video is simply awesome as Mountain Rescue Aspen and the HAATS Unit from the Colorado National Guard work together to evacuate a man who had fallen on North Maroon

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Running with the Belles

The Maroon Belles are a women’s trail running group based out of Carbondale, Colorado. Here’s a short film by Maroon Belles members Michelle Smith and Yitka Winn, that takes a closer look at the group and their journey running the

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US National Forests #itsallyours

its all yours

The United States Forest Service and National Forest Foundation have an awesome campaign of videos showing the National Forests are truly all yours to explore, discover, enjoy and steward in every season. Tag your adventure with #ItsAllYours. It's All Yours

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Winged Suit Flyover Mushroom Rock on Red Hill

If we ever needed to say don’t try this a home, this is a good time. This video is nuts. This guy in a winged suit does a flyover Mushroom Rock Trail on Red Hill. Wowzers. Mushroom Rock from tyler

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