Aspen Swing Project

Mysteriously around Aspen swings are popping up on trails. Yes, someone is making and hanging up swings for others to enjoy. Some of these swings are hidden from the path, and others hang right along the trail. These simple pieces

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2017 ROFO Fund Voting


Vote now! The 2017 ROFO Fund voting is LIVE February 14-28! Show your love. Your vote could be worth $3,000.

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Basalt’s Precious Park

River Park

This November Basaltines are voting on a piece of land that’s become Basalt’s precious park. Questions 2F and 2G asks Basalt residents if they want to buy a Pan and Fork Parcel (2.3 acres) and for 4 million dollars for

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Curious Case of Verena Mallory

Verena Mallory

Verena Mallory died from complications of leukemia on November 1, 1993. She was the five year old daughter of Nora Berko and Howie Mallory of Aspen. In Aspen, there is a trail named in her memory, the Verena Mallory Trail.

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Don’t Do This at Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake Log

A while ago we wrote about the polite sign at Hanging Lake. It simply reads, “Please Keep Off The Log.” The thing is some people don’t do what the sign says. We mentioned in that last blog post we liked the idea of public shaming.

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Hanging Lake Penguin

Hanging Lake Penguin

Hanging Lake is in trouble, it needs saving in a major way. Big changes are coming, but it seems Hanging Lake has an unlikely hero, the Hanging Lake Penguin. That’s right, a penguin has been randomly seen on the trail

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Hobby Horses Taking Over Aspen

Aspen attracts tourists from all over the world and it’s not shocking this trendy little mountain town of the rich and famous can’t wait to embrace the latest fad. But, some trends you would never see coming. While hard to

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My Story

My name is Preston. That’s me on top of Aspen Mountain in 1994, my first trip to Aspen. I don’t really remember it, old photos can be funny like that. A decade later I came skiing. I came back every

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ROFO Fund Explained in 1 Minute


The ROFO Fund is simple – get people involved in giving back, even if that’s as simple as clicking a button. Here’s the ROFO Fund explained in 1 minute (and 11 seconds). The ROFO Fund Explained in 1 Minute from

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Save Hanging Lake


If you don’t know why you can’t walk on the log at Hanging Lake – here’s why. SPOILER ALERT: It’s the sensitivity of the lake’s ecosystem. Remember that time we wrote a blog post and everyone stopped posting pictures on

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The 2018 ROFO Fund Winner Is…


One thing we can say for certain is, Russia hacking didn’t have anything to do with the 2018 ROFO Fund. The other thing we can say for certain is, the online public vote was not a fair contest. We are

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The Power of People

The power of people is amazing. If no one visits this site, no one types aspentrailfinder.com into a url, poof! It’s gone, finished, done. We’d close these digital doors and blast this pile of pages and pixels to a dustbin

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