Basalt’s Precious Park

River Park

This November Basaltines are voting on a piece of land that’s become Basalt’s precious park. Questions 2F and 2G asks Basalt residents if they want to buy a Pan and Fork Parcel (2.3 acres) and for 4 million dollars for

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Don’t Do This at Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake Log

A while ago we wrote about the polite sign at Hanging Lake. It simply reads, “Please Keep Off The Log.” The thing is some people don’t do what the sign says. We mentioned in that last blog post we liked the idea of public shaming.

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Mud Season

Mud Season

The Roaring Fork Valley is a beautiful place and Colorado’s seasons are a sight to behold – four gorgeous seasons. Visitors come from all over the world to ski in the winter and hike in the summer. But, between winter

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Please Keep Off The Log

Hanging Lake Trail

It’s sad to see areas close, sad to see places you’ve visited before change. Imagine what Hanging Lake looked like to the first person who saw it, the boardwalks and benches that surround the lake would be an awful eyesore.

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Save Hanging Lake


If you don’t know why you can’t walk on the log at Hanging Lake – here’s why. SPOILER ALERT: It’s the sensitivity of the lake’s ecosystem. Remember that time we wrote a blog post and everyone stopped posting pictures on

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The Fine Line

The Fine Line

This place is a paradise. This place is home for some and vacation for many more. In this place there is so much to do, to explore, to experience. And, there’s so much danger. There’s a fine line between doing

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