Hanging Lake Penguin

Hanging Lake Penguin

Hanging Lake is in trouble, it needs saving in a major way. Big changes are coming, but it seems Hanging Lake has an unlikely hero, the Hanging Lake Penguin. That’s right, a penguin has been randomly seen on the trail armed with a sign that on one side reads, “Puddles von Squeakybeak says,” and on the other, “#SAVEHANGINGLAKE.”

Poor Puddles is fighting a rough battle and we’re behind the flightless bird, Hanging Lake does need saving. First time visitors and those unfamiliar with the area wouldn’t think anything was wrong after seeing Hanging Lake, they wouldn’t find anything that says this place is in trouble – besides a small crowded parking lot which can’t be odd knowing this place is popular.

Here’s why Hanging Lake needs saving – unsustainable crowds, too many people not following the rules, and sadly and most recently, vandalism. The penguin isn’t the only hero of Hanging Lake though, there are many amazing people helping save Hanging Lake.

There’s a GoFundMe campaign started by one amazing volunteer to help the Forest Service pay for recent graffiti vandalism at Hanging Lake. If you love this place, it’s definitely worth donating a couple bucks.

There’s also @trailtrashco that is taking trail shaming to the next level. Their bio reads, “Play by the rules or get named and shamed. Stop ruining the wilderness we try so hard to protect.” However you feel about educating vs. shaming a person for breaking the rules, they are certainly making a difference in the socially acceptable perception of Hanging Lake online.

If you see this penguin, we want to know! Take a picture, post it everywhere and help spread the word! #savehanginglake

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