Curious Case of Verena Mallory

Verena Mallory

Verena Mallory died from complications of leukemia on November 1, 1993. She was the five year old daughter of Nora Berko and Howie Mallory of Aspen. In Aspen, there is a trail named in her memory, the Verena Mallory Trail.

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Highway 82 Jogger

Highway 82 Jogger

Update: We’ve removed this original post and commenting. Because if we really knew the “Why?” we were asking, would it be better than the mystery? We don’t think so. Our blog is about life outside in the Roaring Fork Valley.

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Pumpkins of Frying Pan Road

Pumpkins of Fryingpan Road

Someone is putting pumpkins all along Frying Pan Road. Or, less likely, it’s a pumpkin invasion! These pumpkins are communicating with each other and make plans to meet annually on this hallowed road. And as All Hallows’ Eve draws near,

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Rail Trail Hall of Fame

Rail Trail Hall of Fame

What’s our favorite trail? It’s not even close. It’s a 40+ mile path with stunning views, follows a roaring river, has a rich history, and connects the entire Roaring Fork Valley – the Rio Grande Trail! It’s the trail embodiment

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Secret Shrines

Aspen Shrines

Aspen is full of secrets. Beneath the glamour and celebrity of Aspen, this elite mountain town of the rich and famous carries a lot of history. Hidden in history are secrets. On Aspen Mountain you’ll find world-class skiing. There’s also old abandoned mines, underground tunnels that connect to Smuggler Mountain, and buried deep in the mountain’s forest, shrines.

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