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Bike Snowmass at Snowmass Bike Park

Bike Snowmass

Get ready for lift served biking with cross-country and downhill mountain biking trails that are a pure delight. Who’s ready to bike Snowmass at the Snowmass Bike Park!?! Bike Snowmass from Aspen Snowmass on Vimeo. __________ More Videos!

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Carbondale History Quiz

How much do you know about Carbondale’s history?

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Case for the ROFO Fund


Earlier this year, we created the ROFO Fund. “The what the what fund?” you ask. We’ll explain. We wanted a way to get people involved and give back to the Roaring Fork Valley, these outdoors. The ROFO Fund was created

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Christmas Tree Hunting

This week I bought a Forest Service Christmas tree permit. Now, I’m not a hunter, but permit in hand, I felt like a yuletide Rambo timber reaper. Carrying a map, armed with a saw, I entered the forest above Ruedi

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Curious Case of Verena Mallory

Verena Mallory

Verena Mallory died from complications of leukemia on November 1, 1993. She was the five year old daughter of Nora Berko and Howie Mallory of Aspen. In Aspen, there is a trail named in her memory, the Verena Mallory Trail.

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Discovery Channel “Dogs The Untold Story” Aspen, Colorado

Here’s a clip from Animal Planet’s “Dogs The Untold Story” about avalanche dogs in Aspen. How awesome are these dogs!?! Discovery Channel "Dogs The Untold Story" Aspen Colorado from Vital Films on Vimeo. __________ More Videos!

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Ditch Trail in Snowmass Village 1-5-2018

Video Diary

1-5-2018 Dear Diary, Today I explored the Ditch Trail in Snowmass Village. There’s no snow. __________ More Videos!

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Don’t Do This at Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake Log

A while ago we wrote about the polite sign at Hanging Lake. It simply reads, “Please Keep Off The Log.” The thing is some people don’t do what the sign says. We mentioned in that last blog post we liked the idea of public shaming.

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Streetlights, WiFi hotspots, and portable charging stations powered by footsteps. EnGoPLANET Smart Solar/Kinetic Street Lights can be installed at pedestrian zones where people can be directly involved in producing clean and free energy. Every footstep creates from 4 to 8

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Erik Roner Sends It Off The Bookcliffs

Erik Roner Goes Off The Bookcliffs

Lifeproof challenged professional stuntman Erik Roner to attempt something he had never done before. In this ad, Erik Roner sends it off the Bookcliffs… but that poor bike. __________ More Videos!

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Eva Snowshoes

A snowshoe that acts like a running shoe, yes please. Eva Snowshoes claim to be a snowshoe that will change the sport, made entirely of foam, with a rocker-shaped platform that makes snowshoeing better for everyone. Once a Kickstarter dream,

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Float Like A Native

Float Like A Native

Pitkin County Open Space and Trails launched a new website to help educate people about the rules at the North Star Nature Preserve – Here’s an animated educational piece about a leaf boarding frog, Bodhi, filling you in on

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Giving Back


Aspen Trail Finder is not a nonprofit. We are in the information and advertising business. Our goal when we built this site was to make it easy to find a trail, and not just easy to find a trail for

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Technology is changing the way art is made. Step aside Picasso, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh you ain’t got nothing to do with this. Combine the love of the outdoors with a bit of electronics, and now everyone has a digital

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Hanging Lake 1-22-2018

Video Diary

1-22-2018 Dear Diary, Today I explored the Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon. When it’s colder it gets more icy and awesome, and dangerous. __________ More Videos!

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