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Aspen Trail Finder is not a nonprofit. We are in the information and advertising business. Our goal when we built this site was to make it easy to find a trail, and not just easy to find a trail for one group of trail users, but for everyone who uses and loves these trails. Sure, our name is Aspen Trail Finder, but we know life exists beyond the roundabout.

While we provide this resource free for all users, we have yet to contribute something physical. Our current contribution exists in helping only in cyberspace. This valley is our home too. It’s what makes this site unique. We aren’t a big company. We aren’t operating out of a different state, trying to find what you might be interested in locally. We live in and love this place too. Home sweet ROFO.

We want to give back. So, we created the ROFO Fund, a charitable giving fund to help local land, river, trail, and outdoor education nonprofits in this valley. The Roaring Fork Valley is special. And extending beyond that, it’s numerous other valleys, such as the Castle Creek Valley, Maroon Creek Valley, Fryingpan River Valley, and Crystal River Valley, just to name a few, are equally amazing. We want to help keep them special, not just with words, but actually making a difference you can see.

This valley isn’t short of nonprofits. Our goal isn’t to create another nonprofit to fit a small need. Our goal is to strengthen those existing nonprofits and make a bigger impact. We want everyone to feel like they can do… something. Maybe you’ll do something small, perhaps something big.

This site shares a lot of info, some would say too many secrets about our valley. We say the more people who know and share these trails also means more people who can care for them. Here’s how you can help our campaign. Share your valley love with #homesweetROFO. Find a local nonprofit to donate time to. And, if you just want to sit right where you are, click a button, and give back to the Roaring Fork Valley, we’ve got a charitable fund just for you – the ROFO Fund.


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