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Staki Skis

Skis aren’t all the same. Staki is just one great example of skis reinvented. Lightweight, easy to carry, and an oddly similar skiing feel, just with half the ski basically. And if you’ve never skied or are scared to try,

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We are just thankful. Thankful to live in this valley, thankful to be a part of this community, and thankful for the people that have joined us on our journey. Our goal when we started Aspen Trail Finder was to

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The 2018 ROFO Fund Winner Is…


One thing we can say for certain is, Russia hacking didn’t have anything to do with the 2018 ROFO Fund. The other thing we can say for certain is, the online public vote was not a fair contest. We are

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The Fine Line

The Fine Line

This place is a paradise. This place is home for some and vacation for many more. In this place there is so much to do, to explore, to experience. And, there’s so much danger. There’s a fine line between doing

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The Power of People

The power of people is amazing. If no one visits this site, no one types into a url, poof! It’s gone, finished, done. We’d close these digital doors and blast this pile of pages and pixels to a dustbin

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Trail Roulette

We just put the finishing touches on our new favorite feature, a random trail generator button! Holy smokes, prepare for random adventure. It’s super simple. Click the button and you’ll be taken to a random trail. It’s trail roulette! Click,

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Treasure Hunt – July 2


We’ve got something for you, and yes there’s treasure involved. It’s a treasure hunt! Get ready Aspen, July 2 the hunt is on. A huge thank you to Aztech Mountain. Clues will be posted here. Here’s how it’s going down.

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Trek 2026 Zora Concept

The Trek 2026 Zora Concept was created for Trek World 2016 by a group of designers who envisioned what a bike might look like a decade later in 2026 – Trek’s 50th anniversary. Um, it looks cool. Click the picture

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Turning 2

Aspen Trail Finder

We just had our second summer with the site live, and we couldn’t be happier. A serious question when we started building this site was, “Is anyone even going to use this?” That seems like a silly question now. This

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Valhalla at Snowmass Bike Park

Valhalla at Snowmass Bike Park

The Snowmass Bike Park just keeps getting better. Here’s a preview of the Aspen/Snowmass Valhalla Trail which features 2.75 miles of free ride terrain and more than 1,400 feet of vertical drop. It is going to be awesome! Introducing Valhalla

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Who Cares What The Experts Say

Experts in any field are important. They know what they are talking about. But, when is someone’s information useful? How many times do you have to do a particular trail to be an expert? If you’ve only done the trail

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Wildlife Quiz

Do you know what to do if a moose charges you?

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Winged Suit Flyover Mushroom Rock on Red Hill

If we ever needed to say don’t try this a home, this is a good time. This video is nuts. This guy in a winged suit does a flyover Mushroom Rock Trail on Red Hill. Wowzers. Mushroom Rock from tyler

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