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Experts in any field are important. They know what they are talking about. But, when is someone’s information useful? How many times do you have to do a particular trail to be an expert? If you’ve only done the trail once, you can still share valuable information with others. It can even be that novice advice that is more valuable because you are taking it all in for the first time.

There are books about popular hikes in this area, surely written by experts. There are sites that have experts telling you everything you should know and do around here. All of those are useful. But, they all have one voice, even if they are a local expert. This site removes that expert label. Experts didn’t build this site.

I built this site, and I’m no expert. I haven’t done every trail, not even close. How long do you have to live in an area to be a local expert? How much of the area do you have to know? You might enjoy taking the same trail every day. At some point, you’d be an expert on that trail. I might not even have done it. I love taking a new trail. I love exploring. And if you continue to find something new, you might get lost and not know which way to go. Maybe that’s how you feel before you become an expert.

The point is, everyone takes a trail for the first time. That experience is just as important as any expert’s and can be shared here. Every trail has a comment section below where users can share what they found, how they felt, and what others can expect. Or, you can just say that that trail was rad. I’m no expert. You don’t have to be either. Collectively, we can share so much more.

Leaving a comment on a website can be scary. You can do it. Use the comment section below to practice.

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stephen couillard
stephen couillard
7 years ago

watered down……where is your balls

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