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Hanging Lake Penguin

Hanging Lake Penguin

Hanging Lake is in trouble, it needs saving in a major way. Big changes are coming, but it seems Hanging Lake has an unlikely hero, the Hanging Lake Penguin. That’s right, a penguin has been randomly seen on the trail

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Highway 82 Jogger

Highway 82 Jogger

Update: We’ve removed this original post and commenting. Because if we really knew the “Why?” we were asking, would it be better than the mystery? We don’t think so. Our blog is about life outside in the Roaring Fork Valley.

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Hobby Horses Mania Begins

hobby horses

The annual Hobby Horse Championship is nothing short of amazing. This is where the mania all began. __________ More Videos!

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Hobby Horses Taking Over Aspen

Aspen attracts tourists from all over the world and it’s not shocking this trendy little mountain town of the rich and famous can’t wait to embrace the latest fad. But, some trends you would never see coming. While hard to

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How Is This Still A Thing?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has a segment called “How is this still a thing?” where they ask the question why we are still subjected to certain things. We’ve constantly been bothered by one thing. When it comes to

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Hydro Hammock

A hot tub that’s a hammock, what more do you need? The Hydro Hammock can be used as a hot tub, waterbed, hammock or as a portable shower. They say it’s the most luxurious and rewarding thing you can add

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Ice Caves (Grottos) 1-11-2018

Video Diary

1-11-2018 Dear Diary, Today I explored the Ice Caves at the Grottos up Independence Pass Road. Winter is so cool. __________ More Videos!

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Landing in a Snowstorm at Aspen

If you’ve ever flown into the Aspen airport, you know it’s tight. The airport is small and it’s surrounded by mountains, and that’s true when conditions are nice! Here’s a video from a pilot’s perspective landing in a snowstorm. Buckle

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Lems Shoes Boulder Boot

Lems Shoes Boulder Boot

The Lems Shoes Boulder Boot is a minimalist shoe that is said to be the world’s most packable boot. It weighs 9.9 oz and can fold up like you’ve never seen a boot do. Pretty cool. __________ More Gear and

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Map Mind Melt

Strava Heatmap

Maps are amazing. There are so many different kinds of trail maps. And while the future of trail mapping isn’t using pen and paper, those are awesome too. We like simplicity. Aspen Trail Finder shows you where to start your

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May The Forest Be With You

May The Forest Be With You

Today is Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you. It’s an amazing pun, from the film’s popular line, “May the force be with you.” But that’s not the only amazing pun out there in the universe. The Force,

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Meet a Black Person

Look no way around it, Aspen’s population isn’t exactly diverse. Rounding off some numbers, Aspen’s population is about 6,000 people, 95% white, 0.5% black. So, Improv Everywhere sent a black person to the middle of Aspen’s Gondola Plaza. __________ More

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Mud Season

Mud Season

The Roaring Fork Valley is a beautiful place and Colorado’s seasons are a sight to behold – four gorgeous seasons. Visitors come from all over the world to ski in the winter and hike in the summer. But, between winter

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Mushroom Rock Fly By

If we ever needed to say don’t try this a home, this is a good time. This video is nuts. A person does a fly by over Mushroom Rock Trail in a wingsuit. WARNING: there’s some explicit language. Mushroom rock

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Mushroom Rock Highline

Mushroom Rock Slackline

If you’ve ever hiked the Mushroom Rock Trail you know the view. Don’t try this at home, but Pete Thompson walked a 411 foot long – 1 inch wide line at Red Hill. Mushroom Rock Slackline from michellescreative on Vimeo.

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