How Is This Still A Thing?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has a segment called “How is this still a thing?” where they ask the question why we are still subjected to certain things. We’ve constantly been bothered by one thing.

When it comes to exploring around Aspen, how can you still read in a newspaper, magazine or local summer guide, “talk to someone at a local shop,” “call this hotline,” “consult a guidebook,” “ask a local,” or anything that doesn’t give users the resource they are looking for? Who wants to go to a store to plan their trip, or call a hotline and listen to a recording, or thumb through pages in a book to find the one thing you’re looking for, or worst of all, seek out a local who knows the area and would love nothing more than to tell you they know where that thing you’re looking for is, talk about it, how awesome it is, but don’t want to tell you where to find it. Bye-bye old way of exploring the outdoors, there’s Aspen Trail Finder.

There are always going to be new ways to explore the outdoors. Remember when maps came on the scene in 6th century BC? How great was that right?!? Or, how about the telephone? You could call someone and ask for directions. Amazing! Or, the car that allows you to cover and explore so much more land than ever before. Game changing. The internet is a big change too. We built an online resource free for everyone looking for adventure outdoors, so you can explore everything around Aspen.

Our goal is an online community of outdoor loving individuals, where collective knowledge, not one person’s opinion, rules. You have a voice. Your opinion matters. Your experience can help others. Share it. Help us spread the word. Because when we see one of Aspen’s old guard newspapers, magazines, or summer guides not list the one resource you are looking for, we can’t help but think “How is this still a thing?”

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