10th Mountain Bridge

10th Mountain Bridge

Connects: Hunter Valley Trail Aspen, CO – Bridge 10th Mountain Bridge is a pedestrian bridge over Hunter Creek in the Hunter Creek Valley. This is a bridge in Aspen, CO. Smuggler Mountain Printable Trail Map View Larger Map

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10th Mountain Division Hut

Connects: Continental Divide Leadville, CO – Hut The 10th Mountain Division Hut is a hut available for reservations through the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association. This hut was built in honor of the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army,

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10th Mountain Division Monument

10th Mountain Division Monument

Connects: Gondola Plaza Aspen, CO – Memorial The 10th Mountain Division Monument is a sculpture at Gondola Plaza in Aspen, CO. View Larger Map

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14th Street Bridge (Red Mountain Pedestrian Bridge)

Connects: Midland Avenue, Rio Grande Trail Glenwood Springs, CO – Bridge The 14th Street Bridge is a pedestrian bridge spanning the Roaring Fork River in Glenwood Springs, CO. News about the 14th Street Bridge can be found at: Post Independent

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8th International Ski Congress

8th International Ski Congress

Connects: Aspen Mountain, North American Ski Run Aspen, CO – Memorial In April of 1968 Aspen hosted the 8th International Ski Congress. The International Ski (Interski) Congress is claimed to be the most important technical/academical meeting for snowports in the

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9/11 Shrine

9/11 Shrine

Connects: Aspen Mountain, Gretl’s Ski Run Aspen, CO – Shrine The 9/11 Shrine is dedicated to those who died in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The shrine is located on the right side of Gretl’s Ski Run on

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American Flag in Glenwood Canyon

American Flag in Glenwood Canyon

Connects: Interstate 70, Colorado River, Glenwood Canyon Glenwood Springs, CO – Viewing Area The American Flag in Glenwood Canyon is a flag on top of a rock cliff that can be seen along I-70 in the Glenwood Canyon. The flag

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American Lake (11,365 ft)

American Lake

Connects: American Lake Trail Aspen, CO – Lake American Lake (11,365 ft) is an alpine lake in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness accessed by the American Lake Trail. More information about American Lake can be found at: White River National Forest

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Amy’s Meadow

Amy's Meadow

Connects: Aspen Meadows Resort, The Aspen Institute, Anderson Park Aspen, CO – Viewing Area Amy’s Meadow is a 13.5 acre open space between the Aspen Meadows Resort and the Aspen Music Tent in Aspen, CO. This area is named after

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Anderson Lake (11,830 ft)

Connects: Petroleum & Anderson Lake Trail Aspen, CO – Lake Anderson Lake (11,830 ft) is an alpine lake accessed by the Petroleum & Anderson Lake Trail near Aspen, CO. This lake is in a non-wilderness area. Distances: Anderson Lake to

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Anderson Park (Aspen Institute)

Herbert Bayer Anderson Park

Connects: The Aspen Institute, Aspen Meadows Resort, Amy’s Meadow Aspen, CO – Park Anderson Park is a site at the Aspen Institute with multiple landscape installations. More information about Anderson Park can be found at: The Cultural Landscape Foundation –

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Annie’s Wishing Tree

Annie's Wishing Tree

Connects: Pioneer Cemetery Trail Glenwood Springs, CO – Decoration Annie’s Wishing Tree is a tree full of ribbons started by Annie Zancanella while going through cancer treatments. The tree has ribbons tied to it with written wishes, dreams, prayers, and

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Artist Point

Artist Point

Connects: Glenwood Canyon, Scout Trail Glenwood Springs, CO – Viewing Area Artist Point (6,540 ft) is a scenic overlook above Horseshoe Bend Park in the Glenwood Canyon on the Scout Trail in Glenwood Springs, CO. Distances: Scout Trailhead (Sign) to

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Ashcroft Ghost Town

Ashcroft Ghost Town

Connects: Castle Creek Road (CR 15), Express Creek Road (FSR #122), River Run Trail, Ashcroft Ski Touring Trails (Winter) Aspen, CO – Ghost Town The Ashcroft Ghost Town is a site 11 miles up Castle Creek Road near Aspen, CO.

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Ashcroft Ski Touring Trails

ashcroft ski touring

Connects: Castle Creek Road (CR 15), Express Creek Road (FSR #122), Ashcroft Ghost Town Ashcroft, CO – Difficulty Varies – Distance Varies – Snowshoe, Classic XC Ski, Skate Ski – Snow The Ashcroft Ski Touring Trails are a privately owned

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