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10th Mountain Division Monument

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Connects: Gondola Plaza

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10th Mountain Division Monument

The 10th Mountain Division Monument at Gondola Plaza

Aspen, CO – Memorial

The 10th Mountain Division Monument is a sculpture at Gondola Plaza in Aspen, CO.

A plaque on the sculpture reads: (Click to expand)
“This bronze sculpture is dedicated in perpetual memory of the 992 young men of the 10th Mountain Division who gave their lives for a cause in the Aleutian Islands and Italy in 1943-1945. It is also dedicated in recognition of those 10th Mountain Division Veterans who came to Aspen in the early years after the war to open businesses, teach skiing, work their trades and to assist greatly in making Aspen an internationally recognized ski resort. Their names will always be a part of Aspen.

This monument is donated to the City of Aspen, Colorado
August 2, 1997

Bert Bidwell, Company A/87
A long-time resident and 10th Mountain Division Veteran

Created by Chris Navarro”

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