Ashcroft Ghost Town

Ashcroft Ghost Town

Connects: Castle Creek Road (CR 15), Express Creek Road (FSR #122), River Run Trail, Ashcroft Ski Touring Trails (Winter) Aspen, CO – Ghost Town The Ashcroft Ghost Town is a site 11 miles up Castle Creek Road near Aspen, CO.

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Crystal City (Town of Crystal)

Crystal City

Connects: Lead King Loop, Crystal City Road (FSR #314), Crystal Mill Marble, CO – Ghost Town Crystal City, also called the Town of Crystal and Crystal Ghost Town, is an old town on the Lead King Loop accessed along Crystal

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Dexter House (Interlaken Historic Resort)

Dexter House

Connects: Twin Lakes (9,195 ft), Interlaken Trail, Interlaken Historic Resort Twin Lakes, CO – Historic The Dexter House at the Interlaken Historic Resort is an old house, originally called Dexter Cabin, that James Dexter and his family lived in while

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Douglass City

Douglass City

Connects: Colorado Midland Trail (Hagerman Tunnel Trail), Opal Lake (11,390 ft), Hagerman Tunnel, Hagerman Lake (11,330 ft) Leadville, CO – Ghost Town Douglass City is a ghost town along the old Colorado Midland Railroad access by the Colorado Midland Trail

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Independence Ghost Town

Independence Ghost Town

Connects: Independence Pass Road (HWY 82), Green Mountain Trail Aspen, CO – Ghost Town The Independence Ghost Town is a historic gold and silver mining town. At its’ peak in 1882 the Town of Independence had over 40 businesses, 3

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Marble Mill Site Park

Connects: Gunnison County Road 3, Crystal River, Marble Disc Golf Course, Marble Quarry Road (CR 3C) Marble, CO – Historic Site The Marble Mill Site Park is a 25 acre historic site that is now a park with large marble

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Ruby Ghost Town

Ruby Ghost Town

Connects: Lincoln Creek Road (FSR #106), Ruby Mine Road Aspen, CO – Ghost Town The Ruby Ghost Town is an abandoned mining town accessed along Lincoln Creek Road (FSR #106) near Aspen, CO. News about the Ruby Ghost Town can

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Tourtolotte Park

Connects: Aspen Mountain Ski Area Aspen, CO – Historic Tourtolotte Park is an old mining town, now an open area below Buckhorn Ski Run, on Aspen Mountain in Aspen, CO. More information about Tourtolotte Park can be found at: The

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