Douglass City

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Connects: Colorado Midland Trail (Hagerman Tunnel Trail), Opal Lake (11,390 ft), Hagerman Tunnel, Hagerman Lake (11,330 ft)

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Douglass City

The ghost town of Douglass City along the old Colorado Midland

Leadville, CO – Ghost Town

Douglass City is a ghost town along the old Colorado Midland Railroad access by the Colorado Midland Trail (Hagerman Tunnel Trail) near Leadville, CO.

A sign at Douglass City reads: (Click to expand)
Douglass City

Typical of the short-lived ghost towns of the Colorado Rockies was Douglass City – the remains of which you see here. Douglass City however was built for a different purpose – to house the Italian construction workers who labored on the Colorado Midland in this area and who helped construct the Hagerman Tunnel, trestles etc. — This one street “city” had eight saloons, mostly in tents plus a dance hall here the “professor” played the piano while the “ladies of the evening” too jaded for Leadville, entertained and took the laborers’ money. The wild city was the scene of drinking, shooting, fighting, knifing, and others innocent pleasures.”

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