Aspen Grove Cemetery

Aspen Grove Cemetery

Connects: Snyder Park Trail, East of Aspen Trail Aspen, CO – Cemetery Aspen Grove Cemetery is an old cemetery established in 1889 located in the east side of Aspen, CO. News about Aspen Grove Cemetery can be found at: The

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Aspen Highlands Ski Patrolmen Memorial

Aspen Highlands Ski Patrolmen Memorial

Connects: Broadway Ski Run Aspen, CO – Memorial The Aspen Highlands Ski Patrolmen Memorial is a rock with memorial plaques for the ski patrolmen who died in an avalanche. The runs named after these men are: Soddbuster, Snyder’s Ridge, and

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Aspen Mountain Disc Golf Course

Aspen Mountain Disc Golf Course

Connects: Aspen Mountain Sundeck, Aspen Mountain Summer Road, Hidden Treasure Trail Aspen, CO – Disc Golf The Aspen Mountain Disc Golf Course, called Kiss The Sky, is an 18 hole disc golf course. Starting at the top of Aspen Mountain

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Aspen Mountain Orangutan

Aspen Mountain Orangutan

Connects: Aspen Mountain, AJAX Express Lift, Dipsey Doodle Ski Run Aspen, CO – Decoration The Aspen Mountain Orangutan is a stuffed animal in a tree most visible from the AJAX Express Lift on Aspen Mountain. More information about the orangutan

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Aspen Ski Hall of Fame Shrine

Aspen Ski Hall of Fame Shrine

Connects: Aspen Mountain, Blondie’s Ski Run Aspen, CO – Shrine The Aspen Ski Hall of Fame Shrine contains pictures of ski history and those involved in Aspen’s ski industry. The shrine is located near Blondie’s Ski Run on Aspen Mountain.

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Avalanche Pass (12,100 ft)

Avalanche Pass Trail

Connects: Avalanche Pass Trail Marble, CO – Mountain Pass Avalanche Pass (12,100 ft) is a high mountain pass accessed along the Avalanche Pass Trail in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness near Marble, CO. View Larger Map

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Bair Ranch Bridge

Bair Ranch Bridge

Connects: Dotsero (6,150 ft), Interstate 70 Dotsero, CO – Bridge The Bair Ranch Bridge is an old bridge on private property, Bair Ranch, that spans the Colorado River in Dotsero, CO. View Larger Map

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Barnard Hut

Connects: Express Creek Road (FSR #122), Richmond Hill Road (FSR #123) Ashcroft, CO – Hut Barnard Hut is part of the Alfred A. Braun Hut System (Braun and Friends Huts) available for reservations through the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association.

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Basalt History Tour

Basalt Historical Walking Tour

Connects: Basalt Chamber of Commerce Caboose, Codgers Corner, Alpine Bank / Basalt Building, Centennial Sculpture, Frying Pan Inn/Colorado Midland Hotel, Swinging Bridge, Arbaney Barn, Arbaney Residence, Frying Pan Coke Ovens, Arbaney Park, Berm Trail, Luchsinger Halfway House, Pueblo Bridge, Basalt

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Basalt Sledding Hill

Basalt Sledding Hill

Connects: Basalt High School Basalt, CO – Sledding Hill The Basalt Sledding Hill is a side of Light Hill above the Basalt High School you can sled down that is dog friendly. This is a sled hill in Basalt, CO.

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Basalt State Wildlife Area

Basalt State Wildlife Area

Connects: Frying Pan Road (CR 104), Basalt Shooting Range, Hillside Trail, Kelly Lake Road, Lake Christine, Micro Hydro Power Plant Road, Midvalley View Trail, Old Wagon Road, Toner Creek Road Basalt, CO – Wildlife Area The Basalt State Wildlife Area

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Beaver Lake (7,945 ft)

Beaver Lake

Connects: Aspen to Marble, Marble to Crested Butte, Gunnison County Road 3, Beaver Lake Trail, Crystal River Marble, CO – Lake Beaver Lake (7,945 ft), also a State Wildlife Area, is a lake along Gunnison County Road 3 in Marble,

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Behind The Sign (BTS) Trail

BTS Trail

Connects: Smuggler Mountain, Smuggler Mountain Road (FSR #131), Smuggler Mountain Overlook, Hunter Creek Cutoff Trail, Bushwacker Mine, Park Regent Mine, 10th Mountain Trail, Lollipop Trail Aspen, CO – Medium – 0.65 Miles – Hike, Run, Mountain Bike, Dog Friendly –

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Ben Hogan Shrine (Hogan’s Alley)

Ben Hogan Shrine

Connects: Snowmass Ski Area, Gunner’s View Ski Run Snowmass, CO – Shrine The Ben Hogan Shrine is dedicated to the American professional golfer. The shrine is located on Gunner’s View Ski Run on the Snowmass Ski Area. More information about

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Benedict Bridge (8,350 ft)

Benedict Bridge

Connects: Hunter Creek, Hunter Creek Trail, Verena Mallory Trail Aspen, CO – Bridge The Benedict Bridge (8,350 ft) is a pedestrian bridge over Hunter Creek along the upper section of the Hunter Creek Trail. This is a bridge in Aspen,

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