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Aspen Grove Cemetery

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Connects: Snyder Park Trail, East of Aspen Trail

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Aspen Grove Cemetery

The Aspen Grove Cemetery in the east side of Aspen

Aspen, CO – Cemetery

Aspen Grove Cemetery is an old cemetery established in 1889 located in the east side of Aspen, CO.

News about Aspen Grove Cemetery can be found at:
The Aspen Times (May 28, 2016) – Aspen Grove Cemetery a place of history, tranquility

More information about Aspen Grove Cemetery can be found at:
City of Aspen – Aspen Grove Cemetery

A plaque at the entrance gates reads: (Click to expand)
“Aspen Grove Cemetery 1889

Founded in 1889, nine years after the establishment of Aspen, this cemetery is the burial place for many of Aspen’s early pioneers. Some of the pioneers buiried here are: Mr. and Mrs. H.P. Cowenhoven, Kate Cowenhoven Brown, Tom O’Kane, Frank Ellis, John “Three-finger-Jack” Atkinson, and Tim Latta.

Many small children, infants, and young mothers were interred in this cemetery during Aspen’s mining era.

Here, in honored rest, lie veterans of the Civil War who came to early Aspen. Buried here is Peter F. Galligan, an Aspen World War I “doughboy” who was killed in France, November of 1918. Also buried here, are Aspen veterans of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

Aspen Grove is the final resting place for many of Aspen’s most prominent citizens, including those longtime Aspenites of the “Quiet Years,” who are the descendants of the early pioneers of Aspen.

The entrance gate of this cemetery was erected in the year A.D. 2000 and is dedicated to the memorial of all, known and unknown, who are buried within.”

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