Dotsero Crater (Dotsero Volcano)

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Connects: BLM Road 8460

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Dotsero Crater

The crater at the Dotsero Volcano

Dotsero, CO – Rock

The Dotsero Crater is a volcano, Colorado’s youngest volcano, where a large crater can be found. The Dotsero Volcano’s last eruption was just 4,200 years ago. This is a crater in Dotsero, CO.

To get to the Dotsero Crater from Glenwood Springs, travel east on I-70 and take Exit 133 to Dotsero. Turn left at the stop sign and take the first right on the roundabout to the I-70 frontage road. Travel 0.7 miles, crossing over Dotsero Bridge, and turn left at an unmarked road with a NO OUTLET sign. Follow the road for 0.6 miles to the Dotsero MHP that will be on the right with a bus stop on the left. Just ahead on the right is the unmarked road, BLM Road 8460. The Dotsero Crater is 1.5 miles up the road.

News about the Dotsero Crater can be found at:
The Aspen Times (Nov. 8, 2020) – Dotsero volcano reminder of Mother Nature’s explosive might in Colorado
Post Independent (May 10, 2005) – Dotsero volcano may erupt

More information about Dotsero Volcano can be found at:
Denver Museum of Nature & Science – The Dotsero Volcano
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) – Dotsero Volcanic Center
Wikipedia – Dotsero

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5 years ago

Can you bring dogs to hike this trail?

Aspen Trail Finder
5 years ago
Reply to  Kristy

Yes. It is a BLM road that leads to the crater. There are some pretty steep drop offs around the crater, so best to use a leash with your pet.

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