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Rio Grande ARTway

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Connects: Rio Grande Trail, Derail Park, Crystal Valley Trail, Highway 133 (West Elk Loop Scenic Byway)


Rio Grande ARTway

The Rio Grande ARTway on the Rio Grande Trail in Carbondale

Carbondale, CO – Art

The Rio Grande ARTway is a 1 mile section along the Rio Grande Trail in Carbondale designed to showcase the town’s creative arts and history. The ARTway stretches from Snowmass Drive and Main Street to the trail’s intersection with Highway 133 (West Elk Loop Scenic Byway) and includes three zones: the Roll Zone, the Stroll Zone, and the Ol’ Zone.

The goals of the project found in the Preliminary Master Plan include:
• Give voice to Carbondale’s different cultures and communities.
• Attract bicycling and other human powered visitors from
surrounding communities to the Carbondale Creative District.
• Increase and promote pedestrian and bike connectivity between
Carbondale neighborhoods.
• Interpret Carbondale’s rich history.
• Add Carbondale Creative District wayfinding.
• Add creative educational spaces.
• Create edible experiential landscapes.
• Add trail surface options.

News about the Rio Grande ARTway can be found at:
Post Independent (October 4, 2017) – First Rio Grande ArtWay installation is unveiled

More information about the Rio Grande Trail can be found at:
Carbondale Arts – Rio Grande ARTway
Carbondale Creative District – The Rio Grande ARTway
RFTA – Rio Grande ARTway Preliminary Master Plan

RFTA – Rio Grande Trail Map
RFTA - Rio Grande Trail Map

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