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Maroon Bells Scenic Area

Crater Lake (10,076 ft)
Crater Lake Trail
Four Pass Loop
Maroon Bells
Maroon Bells Scenic Trail
Maroon Creek Road (CR 13)
Maroon Creek Trail (Maroon Bells)
Maroon Lake (9,585 ft)
Maroon-Snowmass Trail
West Maroon Portal Trail

Four Pass Loop

Aspen to Marble
Buckskin Pass (12,462 ft)
Crater Lake (10,076 ft)
Crater Lake Trail
Devils Rockpile (10,702 ft)
East Snowmass Pass (12,680 ft)
East Snowmass Trail
Fravert Basin Trail (North Fork Trail)
Frigid Air Pass (12,405 ft)
Geneva Lake (10,940 ft)
Geneva Lake Trail
Hasley Pass (12,144 ft)
Hasley Basin Trail
Maroon Lake (9,585 ft)
Maroon-Snowmass Trail
North Fork Cutoff Trail
Snowmass Lake (10,980 ft)
Three Pass Loop
Trail Rider Pass (12,415 ft)
West Maroon Pass (12,465 ft)
West Maroon Trail
Willow Lake Trail
Willow Pass (12,570 ft)
Willow Lake (11,795 ft)

Lead King Loop

Arkansas Mountain Trail
Aspen to Marble
Avalanche Pass Trail
Beaver Lake State Wildlife Area
Crystal Bridge No. 4
Crystal City (Town of Crystal)
Crystal City Road (FSR #314)
Crystal Mill
Daniels Hill
Devil’s Punchbowl (Schofield Pass)
Lead King Basin Road (FSR #315)
Legend of Tall Tree Trail
Lizard Lake
North Lost Trail
Schofield Pass Road (FSR #317)
Silver Creek Trail

Smuggler Mountain

10th Mountain Bridge
10th Mountain Trail
Benedict Bridge
Behind The Sign (BTS) Trail
Bushwacker Mine
Hunter Creek Cutoff
Hunter Creek Trail
Iowa Shaft Mine
Lollipop Trail
Mascotte 99 Trail
Park Regent Mine
Portal Trail
Robbie Wade Picnic Area
Smuggler Mine
Smuggler Mountain Overlook
Smuggler Mountain Road (FSR #131)
Tootsie Roll Trail
Verena Mallory Park
Verena Mallory Trail

Sky Mountain Park

Airline Trail
Brush Creek Trail
Buttermilk Connector Trail
Cathy Robinson Park
Cozyline Trail
Cozy Pony Trail
Deadline Trail (Downhill Only)
Ditchline Trail
Highline Trail
Horse Ranch Trail
Lowline Trail
Owl Creek Trail
Radar Road
Rim Trail
Rodeo Park
Seven Star Trail
Skyline Ridge Trail
Snowmass Loop
Town Park
Viewline Trail
Yarrow Park

The Crown

BLM Road 8320
BLM Road 8321
BLM Road 8322
BLM Road 8323
BLM Road 8324
BLM Road 8325
Buckhorn Trail
Buckhorn Traverse
Bull Pen
Father of Ginormous Trail (Downhill Only)
Glassier Trail
Glassier (Bike/Hike) Trail
Glassier (Horse/Hike) Trail
Innie Trail
Nancy’s Path
Outie Trail
Porcupine Trail
Prince Creek
Prince Creek Road (CR 5)
West Sopris Creek Road (CR 6)

Prince Creek

BLM Road 8320
BLM Road 8324
BLM Road 8325
Bull Pen
Christmas Tree Trail
Creekside Trail
English Trim Trail
Father of Ginormous Trail (Downhill Only)
Ginormous Trail
Highline Trail
Innie Trail
Monte Carlo Trail
Monte Carlo Bike Ramp
Outie Trail
Plunge Trail (Downhill Only)
Porcupine Trail
Prince Creek Road (CR 5)
Prince Creek Trail
Prince Creek Climbing Trail
Skill Saw Trail
Skull Bucket Trail
The Crown
Trough Trail (Downhill Only)
West Sopris Creek Road (CR 6)

Red Hill

Red Hill Road (CR 107)
Blue Ribbon Trail
Bogus Trail
Elk Traverse Trail
Faerie Trail
Mushroom Rock Trail
Northside Loop Trail
Outer Loop Trail
Roller Coaster Trail
Sage Loop Trail
Skeeter’s Ridge Trail
Three Gulch Trail
Three Poles Trail

Red Mountain & Wulfsohn Mountain Park

Cross Trail
Defiance Trail
Fall Line Trail
Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park
Grandstaff Trail
Midland Avenue Trail
Olson Trail
Red Mountain Cross
Red Mountain Trail (Jeanne Golay Trail/Red Mountain Road)
River Trail Dog Park
Stevie Bob Trail
Two Rivers Park
Vanderhoofin’ It Trail
Veltus Park
Wulfsohn Road
Wulfsohn Trail

Glenwood Canyon & Hanging Lake

American Flag in Glenwood Canyon
Artist Point (6,540 ft)
Burnt Tree Ridge Trail
Dead Horse Trail
Glenwood Canyon
Glenwood Canyon Trail
Glenwood Falls (Winter)
Grizzly Creek Trail
Hanging Lake (7,175 ft)
Hanging Lake Trail
Horseshoe Bend Park
No Name Trail (Jess Weaver Trail)
Spouting Rock (7,323 ft)

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Aspen Mountain

Aspen Mountain Summer Road
AJAX Trail
Cherry Trail
East Rim Trail
Hidden Treasure Trail
Koch Park
Little Cloud Trail
Little Nell Trail
Power of 1 Trail
Richmond Hill Road (FSR #123)
Midnight Mine Road (FSR #118)
Nature Trail
Ute Trail
Ute Rock Overlook (9,050 ft)
West Side Trail

Snowmass Bike Park

Alpine Work Road
Anaerobic Nightmare Trail
Connector Trail
Cross Mountain Trail (Trestle)
Dawdler Work Road
Discovery Trail (Snowmass)
Ditch Trail (Snowmass)
Elk Camp Pond
Elk Camp Overlook (11,340 ft)
Elk Camp Summit Trail
Elk Camp Work Road
Expresso Trail
Fanny Hill Beginner Loop Trail
Government Trail
Nature Trail
Powerline Trail
Sam’s Knob Work Road
Sequel Trail
Sierra Club Trail
Sleigh Ride Trail
Stark’s Trail
Thornton Work Road
Tom Blake Trail
Valhalla Trail (Downhill Only)
Verde Trail (Downhill Only)
Viking Trail (Downhill Only)
Village Bound Trail
Village Way Trail
Vista Trail

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