John Denver Sanctuary

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Connects: Roaring Fork River, Sheely Bridge (Ron Krajian Bridge), Rio Grande Trail, Rio Grande Park

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 John Denver Sanctuary

John Denver Park in Aspen

Aspen, CO – Memorial

The John Denver Sanctuary, also called John Denver’s Song Garden and John Denver Park, is an area along the Roaring Fork River with engraved stones with the lyrics of songs from the American singer-songwriter John Denver. This is a park in Aspen, CO.

This area includes:
Peaceful Space
Song Garden

News about the John Denver Sanctuary can be found at:
The Aspen Times (July 2, 2012) – Aspen officials dedicate John Denver Sanctuary expansion

More information about John Denver can be found at:
Wikipedia – John Denver

An etched stone at the sanctuary reads: (Click to expand)
“The John Denver Sanctuary was created through the spirit and generosity of the following individuals and organizations:

Annie Denver
Hal & Dorthy Thau
Milt Okun
Plant-It 2000
The National Arbor Day Foundation
Aspen City Council
Aspen Parks Department
Carlon Memorials
Family, Friends and Fans

Design by Jeff Woods

“John, we wish you Peace”””

The 2014 Aspen Parks & Recreation Opportunities Guide provided by the City of Aspen Parks Department reads: (Click to expand)
John Denver Sanctuary

John Denver Sanctuary is a scenic, highly desirable venue located in the heart of downtown Aspen next to the Roaring Fork River. Within the sanctuary is the largest perennial flower garden around, which attracts visitors from around the globe. Amidst the gardens you will find an environmentally sound wetlands filter system. Artistically placed engraved landscape rocks add to the overall ambiance and story behind the sanctuary. This location is also the home to Theater Aspen in the summer, providing live stage entertainment to hundreds.”

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