Clinetop Road (FSR #603)

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Connects: Main Elk Road (CR 243), Hadley Gulch Trail, Clinetop Peak

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clinetop road

Clinetop Road (FSR #603) near New Castle

New Castle, CO – Medium – Hike, Run, Mountain Bike, Horseback Ride, Dog Friendly – Dirt

Clinetop Road (FSR #603) is an intermediate/moderate road you can hike, run, mountain bike, and horseback ride that is dog friendly. This is a dirt road near New Castle, CO.

More information about Clinetop Road can be found at:
White River National Forest – Clinetop Road #603 (4WD)

A sign on the road about bighorn sheep on the Clinetops reads: (Click to expand)
“The Bighorn Sheep Of The Clinetops

The Clinetops rocky mountain bighorn sheep herd is one of 34 historical herds in the state. The population was decimated in the early 1980’s by lungworm disease and the associated pneumonia. In a cooperative effort, 41 bighorns were reintroduced to this area in 1990-91.

Critical winter range habitat north of the Clinetop Road has been improved for bighorn sheep through prescribed burning of the decadent shrubs. Prescribed fire creates more forage and reduces visual barriers for the bighorn sheep, who rely on keen eyesight to avoid predators.

Water is another critical element for survival, and these sheep need to access Main Elk Creek with as little disturbance as possible. Bighorn sheep are easily stressed, which may lead to disease problems. Please respect the bighorns’ winter home, and minimize activities when they are in the area.”

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