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Connects: Snowmass Creek Road (CR 11), Windstar Meditation Platform, John Denver Meadowlands Trail

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The Windstar property was once owned by John Denver

Old Snowmass, CO – Nature Preserve

Windstar is a nature preserve and property once owned by John Denver. There is a meditation platform overlooking the property and John Denver Meadowlands. This is a 957-acre property in Old Snowmass, CO. Dogs are not allowed on the trail. This is not a groomed nordic trail.

News about the Windstar property can be found at:
The Aspen Times (June 5, 2016) – Last of funds awarded in John Denver’s honor
Aspen Journalism (October 2, 2012) – The Windstar property and John Denver’s legacy in question

More information about the Windstar can be found at:
Windstar Valley Ranch –

A plaque on the property reads: (Click to expand)
“Welcome to the Windstar Land Conservancy!

The land before you has a rich and varied history and is now experiencing some minor changes as part of an ongoing wetland restoration project.

The WLC valley was homesteaded and the valley bottom was drained to convert native alpine wetland to pasture for livestock.

Agriculture and ranching practices continued in the Valley until the late 1970s.

John Denver bought the 957 acres laid out before you and donated it to the Windstar Foundation.

The Rocky Mountain Institute purchased a 1/2 interest in the land. The Windstar Foundation and RMI formed the Windstar Land Conservancy to save the area from development.

RMI worked with Pitkin County, its Open Space and Trails program and the Aspen Valley Land Trust to place a conservation easement on the land to protect it in perpetuity as public open space, wildlife habitat, and a critical wetland.

Today, we are working to restore the wetland to its natural state, return agriculture to the grasslands and improve the overall health of the entire Windstar valley as habitat and recreational land.

Once an ecosystem is taken out of natural balance, the land often cannot heal on its own. Because humans have actively changed the landscape to conform only to human needs, we must also actively work to restore the natural ecological balance to the land.

Land Management Goals

Preserve open space and wild lands for public enjoyment and recreation.

Maximize the health of all biological communities and species and the ecological processes that maintain them.

Restore the valley wetland to its original hydrology.

Create a model of sustainable and economically feasible land management restoration for landowners.

Provide a resource to the public about ecological processes and sustainable land management.

This sign made possible by a grant from The Environment Foundation, founded by employees of Aspen Skiing Company.”

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