Scout Trail

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Connects: Boy Scout Loop, Artist Point (6,540 ft), Forest Hollow Trail, Lookout Mountain Park, Lookout Mountain Road (CR 120)

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Scout Trail

View of Glenwood Springs from the Scout Trail

Glenwood Springs, CO – Hard – Hike, Run, Mountain Bike, Dog Friendly – Dirt

The Scout Trail, also referred to as Boy Scout Trail, is a difficult trail you can hike, run, and mountain bike that is dog friendly. This is a dirt trail in Glenwood Springs, CO.

To get to the trailhead from downtown Glenwood Springs, turn onto 8th street and head east up the hill. The road dead ends and the trailhead with a sign is on the left through the alley.

Trailhead (Sign) to Artist Point (6,540 ft) – 1.3 Miles
Trailhead (Sign) to Forest Hollow Trail – 2.4 Miles
Trailhead (Sign) to Lookout Mountain Park – 3 Miles
Trailhead (Sign) to Bear Creek – 8.5 Miles
Trailhead (Sign) to Little Grand Mesa Road (FSR #535) – 15 Miles

A sign at the trailhead reads: (Click to expand)
The Scout Trail

The Scout Trail is hundreds of years old. It was the Ute Indians route to the sacred “Yampah” springs, which now feeds the famous Hot Springs pool. Early Glenwood settlers led tourists up the trail to “Artist Point” to view the city below, majestic Glenwood Canyon and the Colorado River. “Hubbard’s Cave” can be reached by traveling further along the south rim of the canyon.

A stone observatory was built on Lookout Mountain in the late 1800’s. A circle of fireplaces near the observatory warmed the chilly night for visitors. After the passing of Halley’s Comet in 1910, the observatory burned to the ground, but the concrete foundation still remains.

The trail gains 823 meters (2,700 feet) in its ascent to the peak of Lookout Mountain.


No horses.
No smoking or fires.
Bikes yield to walkers.
No motorized vehicles.
Leave the area as it is for others to enjoy.
Please stay on trail, you will be crossing private land.”

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