Red Hill

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Connects: Carbondale (6,180 ft), Red Hill Road (CR 107), Blue Ribbon Trail, Bogus Trail, Elk Traverse Trail, Faerie Trail, Mushroom Rock Trail, Northside Loop Trail, Outer Loop Trail, Roller Coaster Trail, Sage Loop Trail, Skeeter’s Ridge Trail, Three Gulch Trail, Three Poles Trail

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Red Hill

The Red Hill Special Recreation Management Area in Carbondale

Carbondale, CO – Recreation Area

Red Hill, officially called the Red Hill Special Recreation Management Area, is a red-rock landscape of numerous trails at the intersection of Highway 82 and Highway 133 in Carbondale, CO. The area offers views of both the Crystal River Valley and Roaring Fork Valley.

To get to the trailheads go to the intersection of Highway 82 and Highway 133, at the traffic light for Carbondale. The parking area is off Highway 82 on the opposite side of the Town of Carbondale. Head up Red Hill Road (CR 107) for 0.25 miles. The recreation area is on the left.

Trails and Distances:
Blue Ribbon Trail – 1.2 Miles
Bogus Trail – 1 Mile
Elk Traverse Trail (Seasonal closure – Dec. 1 – April 15) – 1.6 Miles
Faerie Trail – 1.6 Miles
Mushroom Rock Trail – 0.6 Miles
Northside Loop Trail (Seasonal closure – Dec. 1 – April 15) – 3.4 Miles
Outer Loop Trail (Seasonal closure – Dec. 1 – April 15) – 0.6 Miles
Roller Coaster Trail – 0.3 Miles
Sage Loop Trail (Seasonal closure – Dec. 1 – April 15) – 0.8 Miles
Skeeter’s Ridge Trail – 0.7 Miles
Three Gulch Trail – 1.2 Miles
Three Poles Trail – 0.2 Miles

News about Red Hill can be found at:
Aspen Daily News (March 19, 2018) – AVLT reaches Red Hill Rec Area fundraising goals
Aspen Daily News (January 18, 2018) – Planning process for newly acquired Sutey Land Exchange parcel to begin soon
Aspen Daily News (January 6, 2018) – With Red Hill deal done, AVLT seeks funds for management and construction
Aspen Public Radio (December 2, 2018) – Land trust works to ‘Save Red Hill’
Bureau of Land Management (March 27, 2017) – Sutey Ranch Land Exchange

More information about Red Hill can be found at:
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – Red Hill Recreation Area

A sign at the Red Hill entrance reads: (Click to expand)
“Visitors Make The Difference

We all come here to enjoy solitude, beautiful views, and challenging trails. Please be respectful of other visitors and wildlife.

Dogs on Leash!
Protect wildlife by keeping your dog leashed. When dogs chase deer, elk, small mammas, and birds, these animals use valuable energy. It is difficult for stressed wildlife to keep warm, find food, care for young, and defend themselves against natural predators. Even when dogs don’t kill wildlife, the energy wasted during the chase may lead to their death or health impacts.

Stay on Trails!
These soils are delicate and easily destroyed when travelled on. Short-cutting and braiding trails accelerate erosion and cause additional impacts to soils, plants, and wildlife. Please stay on the trails to protect these resources.

Respect Private Property!
Stay on designated trails. Do not cross private land. There is enough Public Land to enjoy. Illegal use of private land causes management conflicts that can lead to trail closures.

Fire Danger!
Fire is a serious threat to Red Hill. Pinyon-Juniper forests are extremely flammable. Smoking and campfires are discouraged.

This area has cryptobiotic soil crust made up of cyanobacteria, lichens, and mosses. They play an important ecological role in dry areas by stabilizing erodible soils, increasing water infiltration, and increasing soil fertility. They cover all soil surfaces, except washes, are easily destroyed when travelled on, and take years to recover.”

A sign to dog owners at the Red Hill entrance reads: (Click to expand)

There have been reports of dos out of the control of their owners, and menacing and biting trail users at Red Hill. Your dogs are welcome here, however, your cooperation is needed in making Red Hill a safe place for everyone.

Garfield County ordinance requires dog owners to keep their dogs under physical, audible or visual control at all times. If you use audible or visual controls, an Animal Control Officer may ask you to demonstrate your dog’s obedience.

Failure to control your dog may result in fines and court appearances.

With an ever-increasing number of people and dogs using this incredible community resource, we all need to be vigilant in preserving the atmosphere that we come here to enjoy, as well as in protecting wildlife that calls Red Hill home.


The Red Hill Council & the Bureau of Land Management

The Red Hill SRMA, while managed by the Bureau of Land Management, falls under the law-enforcement jurisdiction of the Garfield County Sheriff. Animal Control Officers of the Sheriff’s Department will be patrolling Red Hill in an effort to provide a safe experience for all users.

A dog that bites or attacks any person, livestock or wildlife or threatens to attack or terrorize a person, livestock or wildlife on public or private property is considered a “Vicious Dog” by Garfield County Ordinance of State Law, pursuant to 30-15-01 C.R.S. Garfield County Resolution 02-91 Dog at Large and Vicious Dog.”

Red Hill Printable Trail MapRed Hill Trail Map

Red Hill Trail Map
Red Hill Trail Map

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