Mill Street Mall Fountain

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Connects: Wagner Park

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Mill Street Mall Fountain

The Mill Street Mall Fountain also called the Aspen Fountatin

Aspen, CO – Fountain

The Mill Street Mall Fountain, or simply the Aspen Fountain, is a water feature on Mill Street in Aspen, CO.

A plaque on the fountain reads: (Click to expand)
Nick DeWolf & Travis Fulton

In recognition of your creativity and generosity designing and maintaining the Mill Street Mall fountain.


Generations of Aspen residents and guests applaud your amazing contribution to the community!”

The 2014 Aspen Parks & Recreation Opportunities Guide provided by the City of Aspen Parks Department reads: (Click to expand)
Pedestrian Mall – The Downtown Core

The downtown core of Aspen is where you will see the true culture of this old mining town. Relax on one of the many benches that line the mall as the children play in and around the mall streams. Enjoy a meal at any of the many prestigious restaurants and/or a brief respite from the world class shopping as you take in the historic charm that is Aspen.”

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