Grottos Trail

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Connects: Independence Pass Road (HWY 82), Cascades, Ice Caves, Lincoln Gulch Campground


Grottos Trail

Grottos Trail in Aspen

Aspen, CO – Easy – Mileage Varies – Hike, Dog Friendly – Dirt/Rocky

Grottos Trail #2180 is an easy trail you can hike and explore that is dog friendly. This popular loop takes you around the Ice Caves, Cascades and picnic areas.

To access the trailhead from Aspen, travel 9 miles up Independence Pass Road (HWY 82). The trail is located off the road past a sign on the right for the Grottos Day Use Area. This area is about a mile up the road past the Weller Lake Trail.

More information about the Grottos Trail can be found at:
White River National Forest – The Grottos Trail #2180 (Hiking)


Grottos Trail

The Grottos Day Use Area covered in snow

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Aspen, CO – Medium – Mileage Varies – Snowshoe, Dog Friendly – Snow

Grottos Trail #2180 is an intermediate/moderate winter trail you can snowshoe that is dog friendly. The highlight of the trail are the ice caves.

To get to the winter trailhead from the Independence Pass Road (HWY 82) winter gate closure, travel 3.25 miles up the closed road and there will be a sign on the right for the Grottos Day Use Area.

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Aspen Trail Finder
Aspen Trail Finder
7 years ago

Just before you cross the bridge over the Roaring Fork River, if you follow the trail on the left 500 feet there’s a great picnic area at the bottom of the cascades.

9 years ago

almost without exception, i actually really dislike hiking ๐Ÿ™‚ but! i really enjoyed this trail. the grotto was beautiful! i was able to hike down to the cave and i am currently six months pregnant, so that says something about the ease of this trail. the rocks are so smooth and the stream was clear. there are lots of stones for skipping.
ps. heads up, there are restrooms, but they are outhouses. and yes, they are clean and not smelly.

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