Gold Butte

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Gold Butte

Gold Butte in Aspen

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Aspen, CO – Rocky Area

Gold Butte is a rock with climbing routes accessed by the Gold Butte Trail in Aspen, CO.

More information about climbing routes can be found at:
Pitkin County – Gold Butte Climbing Management Plan
Ute Mountaineer – Gold Butte Climbing Guide

A sign at the trailhead reads: (Click to expand)
Welcome to Gold Butte

Please stay on established trails to prevent erosion and reduce the risk of dislodging rock.

Gold Butte is Entrada Sandstone, a fairly soft rock. DO NOT climb when the rock is wet or damp.

Climbers are solely responsible for their personal safety and the safety of other climbers and uses of Gold Butte. Helmets are recommended while climbing or belaying or in proximity of the cliff.

Pitkin County Open Space and Trails does not maintain, inspect, or otherwise deem safe and reliable any of the fixed hardware installed for climbing and rappelling.

New routes can only be established with permission. Please contact Pitkin County Open Space and Trails at 970-920-5232 with your request for a new fixed hardware routes or to report unsafe conditions.

Dogs are not allowed at Gold Butte

For more information about climbing routes on Gold Butte go to:”

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