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Compromise Mine

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Connects: Aspen Mountain, Silver Queen Ski Run


Compromise Mine

The Compromise Mine on Aspen Mountain

Aspen, CO – Mine

Compromise Mine is an old silver mine on Aspen Mountain, above the Little Nell ski run, in Aspen, CO. The mine is not open to the public.

News about Compromise Mine can be found at:
Aspen Journalism (June 30, 2016) – Portal into time: Mine owner wants to preserve Aspen Mountain history
The Aspen Times (January 6, 2006) – Mining Aspen’s past

A sign on the mine reads: (Click to expand)
“Compromise Mine
Aspen Mt. Mining Corp.

The Compromise Mine Complex has produced over twenty million ounces of silver since 1886. David M. Hyman, Jerome B. Wheeler and DRC Brown made fortunes here and invested them in the town below. The mine had developed forty levels over a vertical relief of more than two thousand feet. The lowest levels of the mine are seen hundred feet lower than the streets of Aspen. Aspen Mountain Mining Corporation is engaged in the rehabilitation, exploration and development of the old workings as well as driving new ones in search of silver ore. The corporation is owned and operated by local residents.


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