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Rio Grande Park

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Connects: Rio Grande Trail, Rio Grande Skate Park, John Denver Sanctuary, Sheely Bridge (Ron Krajian Bridge)

Rio Grande Park

Rio Grande Park in Aspen

Aspen, CO – Park

Rio Grande Park is a dog friendly large open area with watchful off-leash play. This park includes:

Open Field
Basketball Court
Rio Grande Skate Park

The 2014 Aspen Parks & Recreation Opportunities Guide provided by the City of Aspen Parks Department reads: (Click to expand)
Rio Grande Park

Rio Grande Park is the City of Aspen’s largest park within city limits. This park contains a professional size rugby field, State-of-Art Skate Park, Theatre Aspen, Basketball Court, John Denver Sanctuary, also Aspen’s Recycle Center. This multi-functional park is used for major special events, sporting events, etc. Rio Grande Park is located just south of the downtown core off of Mill Street and Rio Grande Place. You can find picnic tables, benches, water fountains, and other basic park amenities throughout the park.”

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