Rifle Bridge

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Connects: Colorado River

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Rifle Bridge

Rifle Bridge over the Colorado River

Rifle, CO – Bridge

The Rifle Bridge is a historic bridge built in 1909. This bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A sign on the bridge reads, “Bridge closed to all traffic trespassers will be prosecuted by order of Garfield County Commissioners.” This is a historic bridge in Rifle, CO.

More information about the Rifle Bridge can be found at:
National Register of Historic Places – Rifle Bridge
Wikipedia – List of Bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Colordao

The National Register of Historic Places description reads: (Click to expand)
“After years of continued repairs to the substructure of the original 1890s bridge over the Grand (Colorado) River at Rifle, the Garfield County commissioners finally elected in 1908 to replace it completely. Bids were received in No- vember from M.F. Levy, M.E. Moulton and Denver-based Charles G. Sheely. Low bidder at $26,872, Sheely was awarded the contract; construction began early in 1909 and was completed by autumn. This dissimilar two-span truss, however, was situated poorly on a tight bend in the river and has required periodical maintenance to keep it in place. Despite construction of a concrete jetty in 1922 to divert the main channel, the Colorado continues to work against the pier and north abutment. Replaced with another span, this bridge now serves as a pedestrian crossing.

The Rifle Bridge is historically significant as a regionally important crossing of the Colorado River – the most expensive contracted for by Garfield County. Its Pennsylvania through span is the longest among the pinned trusses left in the state and is one of only two of its type in the survey; the Parker through is one of only two and is the longest of its type, and the two combined to form one bridge is unique. Erected by important Colorado bridge contractor C.G. Sheely, the Rifle Bridge is a visually striking long-span truss – one of Colorado’s most significant vehicular bridges.”

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