Poopatrooper Park

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Connects: Aspen Mountain, Deer Park Ski Run


Poopatrooper Park

Poopatrooper Park under the Silver Queen Gondola

Aspen, CO – Shrine

The Poopatrooper Park is a landing area under the Silver Queen Gondola dedicated to the parachuting toy. The area of trees is located off the top of Bell Mountain along the Deer Park Ski Run on Aspen Mountain.

More information about Poopatrooper Park can be found at:
Sanctuaries in the Snow – Pooper Trooper Park Shrine (Aspen Mountain)

More information about the Poopatrooper toys can be found at:
Facebook – The Original Poopatroopers

A sign on a tree in the area reads: (Click to expand)
“The Pooper Trooper Park
Dedicated to the men and women who leap off the gondola from General Volkl.

Look in the trees and all around
There are pooper troopers to be found
They take a leap form high above
Hoping to land in the snow without the wind to shove
They are small and tall pink and blue
Happy and sad proud to be in a crew
So when you ski into the park
Think of the ones that are left here in the dark
With names to remember like Private Fisher, K2 and SGT Rossi
We will always remember them as a kami kazi
To take the grand flight over Deer Park and more
With hopes that their shoots are not tore
Remember if you find one that is not in your top
Make a mark on it and let their captain pick it up on their loop”

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