Jolley Trail

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Connects: Flat Tops Bridge, Prendergast Hill Trail, Burning Mountain Trail

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Jolley Trail

Jolley Trail along East Main Street in New Castle

New Castle, CO – Easy – 0.4 Miles – Hike, Run, Mountain Bike, Dog Friendly – Dirt

The Jolley Trail is an easy trail you can hike, run, and mountain bike that is dog friendly. This is a 0.4 mile dirt trail in New Castle, CO.

A sign at both trailheads reads: (Click to expand)
Jolley Trail

The Jolley Trail is named after a longtime New Castle family that ran sheep and lived on the land this trail traverses today.

In 1919 the Jolley Brothers – Herb, Malcolm (Mack), Henry and Lee – who were some of the first sheepmen in the New Castle area, came from Kanab, Utah. They formed the Jolley Brothers Sheep Company running as many as 20,000 sheep at one time.

Mack Jolley settled on a ranch on Elk Creek at the north edge of New Castle. This ranch is still owned by descendants of Mack’s family.

Henry Jolley settled on a ranch in the Glenwood Springs area, which is still owned by his descendants. Lee Jolley returned to Utah.

Herb Jolley built his home on the ranch property extending from the east end of downtown New Castle to the New Castle Plaza (City Market) and south to the Colorado River. In 1998, the original ranch house was moved from this property to South E Avenue.

The Jolley Family has been and continues to be an important part of New Castle and Garfield County. Malcolm (Mack) Jolley is the grandfather of New Castle residents Kent and Brett Jolley. Herb Jolley is the grandfather of Rifle residents Terri Jolley Potter and County Commissioner Mike Samson.

The Jolley Trail was constructed by Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers on October 4, 2014.”

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