Highland Cemetery

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Connects: Lakota Canyon Ranch & Golf Club

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Highland Cemetery

Highland Cemetery in New Castle

New Castle, CO – Cemetery

Highland Cemetery is an old cemetery that was established in 1888. This is a cemetery in New Castle, CO.

More information about Highland Cemetery can be found at:
New Castle – History, Highland Cemetery and Museum

A sign at the cemetery reads: (Click to expand)
“The Highland Cemetery Property is closed to the public between sunset and sunrise. Any person(s) on cemetery property when closed shall be prosecuted under Section 9.40.030(c) of the Municipal Code Criminal Trespass”
A memorial marker near the flag reads: (Click to expand)
“The scar on the side of Coal Ridge across the Colorado River marks the Allen & Wheeler Coal Veins, which were fired by numerous mine explosions. The largest explosions occurred

Feb. 18, 1896
49 Lives Lost

Dec. 16, 1913
37 Lives Lost

Nov. 4, 1918
3 Lives Lost

Dedicated to those who perished and in tribute to those who risked their lives in rescue work.

So I will trudge with heart elate
and feet with courage shod
for that which men call
chance and fate
is the handiwork of God.
-Alice Cary”

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