Flat Tops Bridge

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Connects: Jolley Trail, Burning Mountain Trail, Colorado River, Interstate 70, Talbott Trail

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Flat Tops Bridge

Flat Tops Bridge in New Castle

New Castle, CO – Bridge

The Flat Tops Bridge, or Flat Tops Pedestrian Bridge, are three pedestrian bridges over the railroad, I-70, and the Colorado River that link the Jolley Trail and the Talbott Trail. These are bridges in New Castle, CO.

A sign on the bridge reads: (Click to expand)
Flat Tops Pedestrian Bridge

Dedicated December 6, 2014

New Castle’s Flat Tops Pedestrian Bridge resulted from the generous contributions of

Garfield County Board of Commissioners
Garfield County Federal Mineral Lease District
State of Colorado
The Town of New Castle

Jeff Simonson, SGM, Project Engineer
Gould Construction, General Contractor

2014 Town Council:
Bob Gordon, Mayor – Frank Breslin, Mayor (2006-14)
Bruce Leland – Art Riddile
Patrick Stuckey – Mary Metzger – Merle Means
Greg Russi, Project Lead
Tom Baker, Town Administrator
John Wenzel, Public Works Director”

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