Emma Schoolhouse

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Connects: Rio Grande Trail, Emma Trail, Emma Store Buildings, East Sopris Creek Road (CR 7)

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Emma Schoolhouse

The old Emma Schoolhouse in the Emma area of Basalt

Basalt, CO – Historic Building

The Emma Schoolhouse is a one-room schoolhouse in the Emma area of Basalt, CO.

News about Emma can be found at:
The Aspen Times (March 13, 2014) – Aspen Times Weekly: The Story of Emma

A sign at the site provided by the Basalt Regional Heritage Society reads: (Click to expand)
“Emma was on the original stagecoach freight line and used as a rest stop for the six-horse team that pulled the coach from Aspen to Glenwood Springs. This was the only transportation route to Aspen. In 1885 D&RG Railroad surveyed and in 1887 built a narrow gauge rail track route, later standard tracks for the day train were laid. Currently, the route is the Rio Grande pedestrian trail.

This area was named for Emma Garrison who did the cooking for the construction crews and at the time the post office needed a name and it was designated, Emma. Robert Morrison built the first post office, a section house, water tank, large building as a mercantile store, deport, stockyards and home.

On July 12, 1909, W.L. Phillips sold for $1.00 to the Joint School District No. 3, a square of ground, 180.07 feet by 180.07 feet, for the school purposes. Joint School District No. 3 then erected and built a school house. The current school building was built in 1910-12 and local children living in the Emma area attended. The building was heated by a wood and coal burning stove, two outhouses and a shed for the horses. Classes began the middle of September, break for potato picking in October, and ended early in the Spring for students to resume ranching tasks. Grades 1-8 were taught in the one-room school building by one teacher.

In the Spring of 1948 the last classes were held at the Emma School house with Mrs. Kimuel as the teacher. Students in grades 1-12 were transported to the new school building at the Pitkin/Eagle County line in Basalt. On December 13, 1948, a deed from the School Board of Joint School District No. 3 granted the land and building to the Emma Community Trust signed by Floyd Beard and N.A. Dossigny.”

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