Dotsero-Ute Trail

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Connects: Colorado River Road (#301)

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Dotsero Ute Trail

The trailhead of the Dotsero-Ute Trail

Dotsero, CO – Medium – 2.5 Miles – Hike, Run, Mountain Bike, Horseback Ride, Dog Friendly – Dirt

Dotsero-Ute Trail is an intermediate/moderate trail you can hike, run, mountain bike, and horseback ride that is dog friendly. This is a 2.5 mile dirt trail in Dotsero, CO.

More information about the Dotsero-Ute Trail can be found at:
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – Dotsero-Ute Trail

Signage at the trailhead reads: (Click to expand)
How far can you walk back in time?

If you are headed west along the Ute trail be well prepared. But for now, imagine no roads…no cars…no modern frills – no backpacks or boots. Step back in time to the season of the Utes. The rugged Flat Tops lie before you.

On this 50-mie journey to the White River you will kill deer and mountain bison to obtain food, clothing and shelter. You are carrying all you own packed on lodgepole pulled by horses. Your totem animal will guide you.

Your climb will be equal to walking up a 485-story building (the highest point is 11,000 feet). It will take five to six days, but allow seven. The weather may be brutal – snow can come, and does, any month of the year. You must be careful. Winds have carried small sparks from campfires and turned them into raging forest fires.

Remember, you are walking of ground sacred to the Utes. They have blessed this trail to preserve their heritage on your public lands. Take care of all your resources by leaving everything as you find it. Let rich memories be your only souvenir and enjoy your trip back in time.

In memory
Frank Olsen
Born May 15, 1908 – Died Feb. 2, 1992

Frank “Slats” Olsen worked hard to bring the Ute Trail to the attention of Government agencies and the public. This trailhead is dedicated to him for his outstanding efforts.

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Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Peanut Butter Sandwiches
7 years ago

The trail has a bit of a disappointing ending, a small loop around after about 2 1/2 miles. You can go off to the left to what looks like more trail for a mile or so but it gets confusing and no really great views.

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