Coal Miner Memorial

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Connects: Burning Mountain Park, Vulcan Mine

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Coal Miner Memorial

Coal Miner Memorial at Burning Mountain Park in New Castle

New Castle, CO – Memorial

The Coal Miner Memorial is a memorial to the victims of the New Castle mining explosions of the Vulcan Mine. This is a memorial at Burning Mountain Park in New Castle, CO.

News about the Coal Miner Memorial can be found at:
Fox 31 Denver (November 15, 2016) – 120-year-old fire still burning in Colorado town
Post Independent (June 16, 2008) – New Castle looks to remember the miners
Post Independent (July 14, 2004) – New Castle will dig new miner statue

A sign about the mine at Grand River Park reads: (Click to expand)
Grand River Park
Vulcan Mine & Vulcan City

Looking east up the Colorado River you can view the remnants of the Vulcan coal mine. In the 1890s, a small community called Vulcan City cropped up below the mine, near the river. The community consisted mainly of homes and tenement quarters. Miners and their families had to make the two mile commute, using the Roderick Ferry across the Colorado River, to New Castle for their amenities. The barren scar that runs across the Grand Hogback behind you represents the end of the Vulcan Mine. That lifeless area is caused by a fire that sill burns inside the mountain that once produced some of the finest coal in the state. Three deadly mine explosions are responsible for igniting the coal vein. The explosions occurred in 1896, 1913, and 1918. A total of 89 men’s lives came to a violent end when methane explosions occurred in the Vulcan Mine.


Thomas Addison
Alphonz Baldis
Peter Becker
Christ Bruegger
Tim Carney
John Coughlin
Baptisto Chocette
Louis Cinotti
Robert Cottle Jr.
David P. Davis
Abel Dore Jr.
Joseph Dore
William Dore
James Faergno
Ishmael Funke
John Funke
Gabriel Gleese
John Gumbard
William Haggerty
Alex Reno
James Harrison
Sampson Jones
John H. Jenkins
Thomas Larrigan
Anton Martino
August Matevi
Frank McGourty
Charles Merchant
Daniel Morris
Joe Oteno
Domenico Ozello
Antonio Patrico
Peter Patrico
Angelo Petrico
Phillip Preola
Alex Reno
Fred Rodemsky
Andrea Rolando
Nick Ross
Dominic Rozetta
Frank Russa
Alex Scaife
John Scaife
Fred Seigmond
Frank Simmonsic
Robert Steiger
Antonio Tapporra
Peter Tapporra
William Webb
Ed Welch


Bert Bartee
Wallace Baxter
Harry Bonnell (Strong)
Lee Bonto
Marion Bonto
Anton Csepke
Fred Cook
Clint Crawford
Jerry L. Crawford
Ben Davis
Joseph Farren
Raffaele Flossaro
Louie Fuschino
John A. Johnson
A.S. Kalownskey
Joseph LaBranch
Carmine Manuppella
Gabriele Manuppella
Joseph Manuppella
Tony V. Manuppella
Frank McCann
Roy McLaine
William Meese
Norman E. Murphy
Dell C. Nolan
Addison R. Norton
Frank Bester
Gale Bester
John E. Otten
Orie D. Reed
William F. Sheerer
George W. Smith
Lester H. Starbuck
David Tolmadge
Lou Walter
Ralph Wendell
Herbert G. Woods


Milton Bellm
Craddock Davis
Robert Wilks”

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