Avalanche Creek Trail

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Connects: Avalanche Creek Road (FSR #310), Avalanche Campground, Hell Roaring Trail, Duley Park, East Creek/Gift Creek Trail, Capitol Creek Trail, Silver Creek Trail, Avalanche Lake (10,695 ft)

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Avalanche Creek Trail

Avalanche Creek along the Avalanche Creek Trail

Carbondale, CO – Medium – 11 Miles – Hike, Run, Horseback Ride, Dog Friendly – Dirt

Avalanche Creek Trail #1959, also called Avalanche Lake Trail, is an intermediate/moderate dog friendly trail you can hike, run, and horseback ride that is dog friendly. This is an 11 mile dirt trail in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness near Carbondale, CO.

To get to the trailhead from Carbondale, travel south 12.5 miles on Highway 133. Turn left at the sign for Avalanche Creek and follow Avalanche Creek Road (FSR #310) 2.5 miles past Avalanche Campground to the parking area at the southeast end of the campground.

Trailhead to Hell Roaring Trail – 2.5 Miles
Trailhead to Duley Park – 5 Miles
Trailhead to East Creek Trail – 7 Miles
Trailhead to Capitol Creek Trail – 10.25 Miles
Trailhead to Avalanche Lake (10,695 ft) – 11 Miles

More information about the Avalanche Creek Trail can be found at:
White River National Forest – Avalanche Creek Trail #1959 (Hiking)

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5 years ago

July 1, 2019. The bridge is washed out at mm 2.5: https://twitter.com/WhiteRiverNews/status/1145852388336648192

Aspen Trail Finder
5 years ago
Reply to  llockwood

Thanks for the info!

Elina Jurado
8 years ago

May 19th – A couple trees have fallen over the on the trail about half a mile in, so you have to do a little climbing over or under the large trunks and branches but other than that the trail was great!
ONLY THING! The gate 2.14 miles away from the the Avalanche Creek trail head was closed. Myself and a friend had to walk the 2 miles to then get to the trail head. It was unexpected but did not deter us from having a great day outdoors.

Aspen Trail Finder
Aspen Trail Finder
8 years ago
Reply to  Elina Jurado

Thanks for the info! We also have a trail conditions page where you can share and find trail and road closures to help be better prepared. Check it out – http://www.aspentrailfinder.com/trail-conditions

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