Aspen Mountain Uphill Route

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Connects: Silver Queen Gondola


Aspen Mountain Uphill Route

Aspen Mountain Uphill Route on AJAX

Aspen, CO – Hard – Uphill, Snowshoe – Snow

Aspen Mountain Uphill Route is a difficult route you can skin and snowshoe up. Uphillers must turn around at 9 a.m., if they are not at the top, when the gondola starts running for the public. This is an uphill trail on Aspen Mountain in Aspen, CO.

Aspen Snowmass uphill policy and rules at Aspen Mountain can be found at:
Aspen Snowmass – Aspen Mountain Uphill Policy and Rules

A sign at the gondola reads: (Click to expand)
“Attention Hikers

Upon entering this ski area, you are responsible for knowing and abiding by the skier’s responsibility code. Always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are elements of risk in being on the mountain that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Never stop or hike where you are not visible from above, or where you are obstructing a trail. Always hike in a single file line. In case of emergency, call Patrol on designated phones. Designated routes and times are as follows:

1. All uphillers must be to the top of the Gondola by 9:00.
2. The designated uphill route is Little Nell to Bingo Slot, continuing up Spar Gulch to Silver Bell, to the top of the mountain. Uphillers are not allowed on any other trails for safety reasons.
3. On some mornings, we will be conducting avalanche control work and the mountain will be closed to all uphill traffic. Check the sign at the bottom, which will notify you of the closure.
4. Dogs are not allowed on the mountain at any time.
5. Downloading is allowed only on the Gondola.”

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