Ute Trail

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Connects: Ute Avenue Trail, Ute Cemetery, Ute Park, Benedict Trail (Winter), AJAX Trail, Ute Rock Overlook (9,050 ft), Aspen Mountain Summer Road, Aspen Mountain Sundeck


Ute Trail

The view of Aspen from the Ute Rock Overlook

Aspen, CO – Hard – 3.1 Miles – Hike, Run, Dog Friendly – Rocky/Dirt

Ute Trail is a difficult trail you can hike and run that is dog friendly. The trail is a steady uphill that goes to Ute Rock and continues to the top of Aspen Mountain. This is a technical trail and falling rock hazards exist on this 3.1 mile rocky dirt trail in Aspen, CO.

To get to the trailhead from downtown Aspen, travel down Ute Ave for 0.4 miles. There is a parking area on the left and the trail begins on the right across the street.

Trailhead to Ute Rock Overlook (9,050 ft) – 0.9 Miles
Trailhead to top of Aspen Mountain – 3.1 Miles

A sign at the trailhead reads: (Click to expand)
“Trail User Guidelines:

  • Dogs welcome please pick up after your dog
  • Uphill hikers have the right-of-way

Technical Trail
Falling rock hazard exists

Hike With Care

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This trail was very nice

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