South Canyon Bridge

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Connects: Lower Valley Trail (LoVa Trail), South Canyon, Colorado River, South Canyon Creek Road (CR 134), South Canyon Archery Range

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South Canyon Bridge

South Canyon Bridge spanning the Colorado River

Glenwood Springs, CO – Bridge

South Canyon Bridge, originally spelled South Canõn Bridge, is a historic bridge built in 1915 that spans the Colorado River allowing access to the South Canyon in Glenwood Springs, CO. The bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

More information about the South Canyon Bridge can be found at:
National Register of Historic Places – South Canon Bridge
Wikipedia – South Canon Bridge

The National Register of Historic Places description reads: (Click to expand)
“When the Garfield County commissioners received the first petition late in 1902 from the Boston-Colorado Coal Company for a bridge over the Grand (Colorado) River to the newly opened mines in South Canon, they instead built a temporary ferry at the crossing. After eleven years of intermittent petitioning from the mine operators and nearby residents, the county finally advertised for proposals for a steel truss to replace the ferry. In 1914 the Missouri Valley Bridge and Iron Company was awarded the construction contract from a field of six bidders, for $9430. Despite a delay-filled erection, in which the superstructure was washed away once, this 190′ span was completed in May 1915. It still remains in place in good condition but has more recently been replaced with another bridge and abandoned.

As a subtype of the Pratt configuration, the Pennsylvania truss was generally used in long-span applications in which mid-panel bracing was required for stability. It was an uncommon vehicular truss form, and only two pinned Pennsylvania through trusses are included in the survey. Both the South Canon Bridge and the Rifle Bridge (GA06) have been replaced and no longer function as roadway spans. One of the last remaining examples of a visually striking long-span bridge type, built by a nationally important bridge contractor, the South Canon Bridge is one of Colorado’s more significant early bridges.”

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