Sayre Park

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Sayre Park

Sayre Park, also called Strawberry Park, in Glenwood Springs

    Glenwood Springs, CO – Park

    Sayre Park, also called Strawberry Park, is a 7.6 acre park in Glenwood Springs, CO. This park includes:

    Playground (Structures for Ages 5-12)
    2 Infant Swings
    4 Child Swings
    Basketball Court
    Baseball Field
    Sand Volleyball
    2 Tennis Courts
    3 Horseshoe Pits
    2 Picnic Shelters
    Lighted Gazebo
    Barbecue Grills
    Picnic Tables
    National Strawberry Queens Monument

    More information about Sayre Park can be found at:
    Post Independent (February 25, 2017) – Guest column: Sayre Park’s future as rich as its past

    A sign about Strawberry Days provided by the Frontier Historical Society reads: (Click to expand)
    Strawberry Festival Beginnings

    In 1898, the Tri-County Farmer’s Union proposed a festival to promote some of the state’s finest fruits, vegetables and dairy products produced in this region. Glenwood Springs agreed to host the event and the first Strawberry Day was born on June 18, 1898. Local farmers donated strawberries and fresh cream and the local ladies baked cakes to be served to the nearly 2,000 people who attended the celebration.

    A base ball game was played between the Glenwood Nine and the boys from Leadville. The mammoth hot springs swimming pool was opened to the public for free swimming in the afternoon and the Colorado Midland Railroad band furnished music throughout the day. The day was concluded with a ball at the opera house which lasted into the wee hours. Prizes were given for the biggest and best fruit and flower displays. The town’s citizens welcomed visitors from all parts of the state and the final conclusion was that Strawberry day would become an annual event to continue long into the future.

    Through the Years

    Strawberry Day celebrations have included parades, baseball games, musical entertainment, free bathing at the hot springs, carnivals, dances, wild animal displays, queen contests, polo matches, rodeos, running raves, “the Human Fly” and, of course, the serving of strawberries.

    In 1913, the first Strawberry Queen was chosen. Miss Ruby Clarke had the distinction of being crowned the first royalty of the Strawberry festival. A queen contest was held the following four years before a hiatus lasting through two world wars. The queen contest was revived in 1947, with the addition of a swimsuit contest and the winner receiving a Bulova watch. 1955 Strawberry Queen, Mary Linda Clapham, went on to become Miss Colorado Universe.

    Strawberry Day has evolved into a multi-day festival which takes place the third week in June and brings thousands of visitors to Glenwood Springs.

    National Queen Contest

    Held from 1955 through 1958, Glenwood Springs hosted a National Strawberry Queen contest. Winners of local Strawberry Queen contests from around the United States were invited to participate in this national competition. Candidates competed against our local winners from as far away as Oregon, West Virginia and Florida. A granite monument was created in the 1950’s to commemorate the National Strawberry Queens and was erected here in Sayre Park in 2007.”

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