Red Hill Road (CR 107)

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Connects: Red Hill, Three Poles Trail, Three Gulch Trail

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Red Hill Road (CR 107)

The entrance to Red Hill Road in Carbondale

Carbondale, CO – Hard – 1.3 Miles – Hike, Run, Mountain Bike – Dirt

Red Hill Road (CR 107), also called Garfield County Road 107, is a difficult road you can hike, run, and mountain bike. This is a 1.3 mile dirt road on Red Hill in Carbondale, CO.

Cattle guard to Red Hill Special Recreation Area – 0.25 Miles

News about Red Hill Road (CR 107) can be found at:
Aspen Daily News (January 6, 2018) – With Red Hill deal done, AVLT seeks funds for management and construction

A sign on a gate at the cattle guard reads: (Click to expand)
Attention All Bikers & Pedestrians

The Red Hill Trail Head starts .3 miles up CR 107. Please form single file lines on the outside edge of the road going uphill and downhill. Please keep dogs on leashes and children out of the roadway.”

Red Hill Printable Trail MapRed Hill Trail Map

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