Putman House

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Putman House

The Putman House on the Basalt History Tour

Basalt, CO – Historic

The Putman House is an old Victorian house on East Homestead Drive that is part of the Basalt History Tour in Basalt, CO.

A sign about the house provided by the Basalt Regional Heritage Society reads: (Click to expand)
“159 E. Homestead/Putman House

This authentic Victorian was built in 1898. The floor plans, design, wood and every detail was ordered by a wealthy Aspen family directly from the Sears Catalog. The original cost for this Sears Kit House was under $900.00. The house originally was to be delivered by train to Aspen in 1896, but by mistake the “Kit” ended up in Basalt, since Basalt at that time was called Aspen Junction. The house sat in the Midland Train yard for two years as unclaimed freight.

The two story Sears Victorian has the original wood trim and baseboards throughout the house and has been remolded and decorated in keeping with the era. The current owners have resided in their home for 26 years and love it.

The small house in the backyard was moved from Homestead (next to this house) in 1900 with a team and logs. The house had been home to the Midland Railroad employees and the first minister of Basalt.

Basalt Regional Heritage Society Walking Tour Est 2003″

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