Old Colorado Mountain Club Cabin

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Connects: Kobey Trail

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Old Colorado Mountain Club

Old Colorado Mountain Club near Lenado

Lenado, CO – Structure

The Old Colorado Mountain Club is a cabin along the Kobey Trail near Lenado, CO.

More information about the Colorado Mountain Club can be found at:
Colorado Mountain Club – www.cmc.org

A sign on the cabin reads: (Click to expand)
A Good Woodsman
Is a fellow you would want to go camping with – again

That Kind of a Fellow –
Always leaves his camp site in better condition than he found it. He burns the rubbish, buries the cans and pus out the fire so that it stays out. No forest fires mark his trail.
He uses a camera instead of a gun. All the wild creatures that crawl, fly or run are his friends instead of his prey.
He picks few flowers and never pulls them up by the roots.
He never chops down a tree unless he has a mighty good reason for doing it.

You were not the first over the trail. Leave the pleasant places along the way just as pleasant for those who follow you.

The Colorado Mountain Club

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