Luchsinger Halfway House

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Luchsinger Halfway House

Luchsinger Halfway House in Basalt

Basalt, CO – Historic Building

The Luchsinger Halfway House is an old house in Basalt, CO. This a site along the Basalt Historical Walking Tour.

More information about the Luchsinger Halfway House can be found at:
Basalt Regional Heritage Society – Basalt Historical Walking Tour

A plaque provided by the Basalt Regional Heritage Society reads: (Click to expand)
Luchsinger Halfway House

In the early 1880s, the Luchsingers built a halfway house to house passengers on the stage line which traveled from Glenwood to Aspen. The house was the first home constructed in the central valley and what is now Basalt.

The log structure in front of you is that home, little changed since the 1880s. In the photo, the house is shown by the arrow, and you can also see the corrals used for horses for the stages and overnighting travelers. The modern home to your left was first constructed by Gabe and Julia Luchsinger in 1910, having been nicely remodeled along the way.

The Luchsingers probably house some of the men who worked on the charcoal kilns, shown in the foreground. In 1886 Aspen Junction was forming across the river in order to house the workers who were building the Railroad. Note the Methodist Church in the right center of the photo, which still stands.”

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