Carbondale Archery Range

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Connects: Delaney Nature Park


Carbondale, CO – Archery Range

The Carbondale Archery Range is a bow and arrow shooting range in the Delaney Nature Park in Carbondale, CO.

A sign about the Rules and Policies reads: (Click to expand)
“Archery Range Rules & Policies

1. SAFETY is the number one rule to be practiced!
2. No handguns, rifle, or shotgun practice at this facility.
3. Absolutely no horseplay on the range.
4. Absolutely no sky-drawing. Bows are only to be drawn at the shooting line and in the direction of targets.
5. Archers may proceed down range to retrieve arrows when all archers have completed shooting.
6. When pulling arrows from target, stand to one side and insure no one is standing directly behind you.
7. Archers under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.
8. Archers may not use broad heads or cross bows at this facility.
9. Alcoholic beverages and drugs may not be consumed prior to or during shooting on the archery range.
10. Treat this property with respect. Theft and vandalism will be prosecuted.
11. Check your equipment regularly. If in doubt, have it checked professionally before returning to use.
12. Be considerate of fellow shooters. No shooting across lanes, shooting other targets, distracting other archers at the shooting line or intentionally damaging other archers equipment.
13. Always practice good sportsmanship and use common sense.
14. Do not remove or move targets.
15. The City of Glenwood Springs is not responsible for damage to or loss of personal equipment used at this facility.
16. Municipal Code Section 090.030 Public Lands Ordinance in effect.

Glenwood Springs Parks & Recreation Department
970-384-6366 / Weekends, please call: 970-384-6301

Have Fun…Be Safe!


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